Travel Photography

Photo Trip ready: Camera bag packed.Documents. Ticket.

I have done a few plans for my travel photography voyage and am leaving time for surprises and detours.  I think that the most important thing about traveling is to leave space for new things that I have not thought about.  I didn’t always think like that ….I use to make daily plans and they always changed so lets see how this trip will go!

London for a few days and a nice visit with a friend who went to UM with me.  Then on to Scotland for lots of photography a bit or tourism, good walks and beautiful views.

Travel Photography

can be a bit overwhelming because of the things that I like to have with me.  If I could I would take a larger tripod but they do have photo stores there and if I find that my tripod is just too small I’ll get one.  I do use the small tripod a lot, here in Miami.  I guess that I am thinking that on hikes and on hills the tripod may not be higher than the grass!

I have finished most of my packing.  I leave today and I feel that it’s going to be a slow day.  So… 3 days in London.  I spend some time trying to figure out where to photograph for some beautiful views.  Many posts on the Internet say that London is flat and it’s hard to find a place from above in order to get a larger view of the city.

I want to focus a bit on the Thames and the Millennium Bridge…Other bridges too.  Lets see how this goes.  Little time and so many plans!  That is how every travel photography project ends up like.

travel photography,marguerite beaty

See you in London and Scotland!

I am traveling alone and will be meeting people in different places.  I have found that my family members and friends get a bit bored with my hours over a tripod waiting for the sky to change!  I do tell people to just meet me for dinner but that has not always gone down well.  So this is just a little warning to those of you who are starting to photograph!

So, this isn’t really about baby photography but I will give some good travel photo tips to the new mom photographers for your next photo trips.

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