What? De clutter my photos?

Your Baby and The Background

Here are the 12 Apps to create composites and effects on your beautiful baby’s photos. Aren’t you tired of hearing the word “de clutter”?  I am.  I think I have spent my whole life de -cluttering my life.  When I wanted to sell my house, I had to de -clutter.  When I wanted to Feng shui my home, I had to de -clutter.  When I wanted more office space, I had to de -clutter. So guess what we need to do to our photographs?  De-clutter! A cluttered background will compete with your baby. Did you know that the background will set the whole mood for your photo?


Keep your baby photography about your baby! Busy backgrounds make for confusing backdrops.  Put your kids toys away.  You wouldn’t photograph at Toys r us, right?  Well… On second thought that could be kind of fun!  🙂 Back to your home photo studio. Busy Backgrounds: We won’t know what to look at:  The baby or the background? Look at these photos:

photo, backgrounds, backdrops

Cluttered Background

backdrop, baby photo

Place your baby in a de cluttered background

Trick: Change the location.

If you know that you are going to have your “baby portrait photo day”: Place your baby in an area that is de cluttered. Shelves can be distracting. Furniture will also distract. A plain wall: You will have more baby and less toys and less furniture. If you have a colorful wall:  Use that as a photo playground area! Color will add emotion to your photos and they will look fun too.  baby portrait, portrait photographer

baby photo, composites, portrait


The fun thing about a plain wall is that you can create composites by adding other things.  Add texture or text. I wrote a 12 App tips that will help you do this on your iphone!  You will find the right App to create composites.       These are my baby photo tips and tricks for today.  DIY projects!   newborn photography, baby photo, baby Marguerite Here is the link to your baby photography classes online.

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