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Have you seen some baby photos where the skin of the baby looks blue?  

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Keep photo studio warm

When photographing your babies make sure that the room is nice and warm. There is a difference of opinion about the exact temperature: Somewhere between 87 degrees and 90. Mom photographers and professional photographers:  This is going to be a hot photo session! Professional photographers will have one or two heaters when they photograph babies. Do not place these too near.  Keep them about 4- 5 or more feet away.  The idea is to have a warm room and not a sauna. But…by the way: You will end up getting warm.  There is now way out!  🙂 Get small portable heaters.

  • Photograph near a window to get the day light in and maybe some nice warm sun rays.
  • Plan your photo session
  • Choose cool backgrounds
  • Choose the color combinations
  • Take your time
  • Be patient
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Choose fun clothes

Have a fantastic time.  Enjoy this moment.  Your baby will change so quickly and your next photo session will be so different! More tips and tricks next Friday.

Here are tips about photographing baby details?

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