Baby in the Box

Did you ever wonder how to fix the box for a baby and photograph the baby in the box?

The secret is to pack the fabrics and the pillows well and create a little mattress for the baby.  The most important thing is to work patiently and carefully when you start adding the sheet or what will be your background.

If you rush this last part…and that is tempting!  You will end up with a wrinkled and distracting background.

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Create a neat background

Did you know that the background is the most important part of the photograph?  If you have a good background the main subject will look beautiful.

Take your time straightening out the fabrics and tucking in loose ends.  You will be thankful you did that, later on!

Here is your 30 second tip:

Make sure that the background is different from the baby clothes or wrap.  A nice contrast will be good. If you want to use patterns you will want to consider only using patterns in one of the places: The background or the clothes.  Both will make it complicated.  It will be too busy.

Colors:  Consider using a dark color against a light color or a pastel color.  Always think about how to enhance the baby.  It’s easy to get involved with the whole set up and add all this “stuff” and then you have so many things going on ….When you add the baby you will have to make room and … Well you got it!  Keep it simple and it will look fabulous!

When you are photographing baby in the box, work on keeping the surroundings nice and clean.

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Baby in the Box

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