Prince George’s Birthday

I love all the buzz around Prince George’s birthday.  I love birthday parties!

Prince George, Prince George birthday

One of the things I just saw was a photo of a little baby girl in Australia wearing a t-shirt: Marry me George.  How great is that?

Check out the photo Prince George and his first marriage proposal.  I am sure that there will be many to come!

What a fabulous photo op!

As this will be the birthday month or the topic for the month: What will you do for your baby’s first birthday?  Will you be creating a theme?  Will you keep it simple?  What will the cake be like?  Cakes are so creative.  They can tell a story all on their own.

Tips for Baby Photography: First Birthday Photograph.

This is an important day.  It’s the first birthday ever and many more to come.  But this is the fist one!  Create a photograph that will show the festive and important date of your baby.

1) Choose a cool background. You can create a festive look by having balloons on one side or on the background.  Add ribbons on the wall.  Add colorful strings.  If your baby is a boy you can maybe find a wallpaper with boy’s themes: little cars for example.

2) Photograph at the beginning of the party or before people come.  Babies may get a bit overwhelmed with all the attention and other family members with cameras.

3) Choose simple clothes, solid colors so that the baby will get more attention than his or her clothes.

4) Find some fun accessories:  party hats, fun sunglasses, presents, baby’s favorite toy.

5) Take a family photograph.  Include all the family members that come to the party. Your baby will love to see this when he or she grows up.  So will you!

Party as if it were Prince George’s party!  Have a blast during your baby’s first birthday!


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