Baby’s First Birthday

There is so much going on for Prince George’s birthday that I can help but chat about birthdays too.

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It looks like Prince George will have two birthday parties.  One with granny Middleton who apparently is doing a Peter the Rabbit theme and one at Granny the Queen’s digs.


I LOVE Peter the Rabbit.  I love the author Beatrix Potter’s life story. Her illustrations are wonderful.  Did you know that she was one of the first women to buy land and to create a trust  to protect the land.  And wow!  I just went on a tangent about Beatrix Potter…But back to Peter the Rabbit, Prince George and birthday parties!

Some articles on the net have put down the idea of the theme birthday party.  Mail Online being one of them.

I love it.  This is a little boy.  Let him be a little boy for as long as it is possible.  Enjoy the theme parties, enjoy the balloons, enjoy the cake too!  Enjoy the fantasy that comes with childhood.

#PrinceGeorgeTurns1 #HappyBirthdayPrinceGeorge

How does one make a birthday memorable without going overboard?  Or … do you think that because it’s the first party ….well why not just go for it and have a bash?

Share your ideas for baby’s first birthday.  How would you organize it?  Would you make this a party for the adults or would you create an intimate and fun atmosphere for the baby?  Would you have an enormous birthday party?

I am always curious about how people do this.  I have friends that made a special celebration for their baby but it was really a fabulous grown-up party and others that did a small celebration just for the baby. Short and sweet.

Share with us!  How adorable will your baby’s first birthday party be?

My tip:  Keep your camera ready at all times.  You will want to have a photo of every second!  It’s the very first birthday.  🙂


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