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Baby Photography and Post Production

I usually don’t write about post production because I believe that one must do all the correction during a photo shoot. Spend more time photographing and less on the computer.

Baby photography is different because you will need to spend time on the computer. Sometimes the baby’s skin has red marks and you will want to remove those. The softer the skin looks the softer the photo will be and you can do that in post production.

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Lightroom Post Production

The other day I was assisting a student and the photos started getting red. I took out the ExpoDisc for color correction but it wasn’t happening. We had to continue the shoot and decided to worry about the color correction later.

Things happen! Go with the flow.

I also think that it’s good to go easy on the editing for baby photographs. They can look very surreal if you do too much. I think that the keyword is soft.

The cool thing about editing after is that you can always warm up just part of the image or soften only certain areas. It allows for a lot of fun creativity.

Presets: These are editing tools that will make your work easier and faster. All the background work has been done for you and all you need to do is select a few options to get the desired effect. You will need to install the preset.

You can buy presets that are made just for baby photography or you can start working on your own and creating your own.

These are mostly Lightroom presets but you can also find Photoshop actions.

Resources for Presets

1)   IttyBitty Creative

2) Cole Joseph is a good resource:

Cole Joseph has some good Lightroom tips.

Newborn presets by Cole Joseph

I found this resource to be an interesting one:

3) Photographer Resources by BP4y

4) MCP:

Has many options: Check out Editing Tools. You will find Newborn presets for Lightroom and you will find so many other things. Stay focused and don’t go crazy with the shopping!

Just a note: I don’t gain anything with your purchases. I have not tried these.

Feel free to do your own research and if you find something awesome share with us!

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