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Finding a good photography website for your Baby Photography

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A fellow student at Udemy has finished the course and is ready to photograph babies.  He wants to know about creating a good photography website for his baby photography.  These tips will be good for anyone who is thinking about doing a website.

There are several ways of doing this and it will all depend on your

  • Budget
  • Ability + will to create your own site with templates
  • Time

wordpress.org: (free)

My site, this one, is a WordPress site.

WordPress gives you access to many designs and  templates so that you can create a very cool site.  You can make it simple or complex.

You can do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

You will need to find a host for your site.

My Tip:  If this is something that is easy for you go ahead and do it yourself.

  • If you feel the learning curve is going to be very time consuming hire someone.
  • The idea is to have a good site up and running fairly quickly and not take 6 months to have a site.

(My sites were not done by me)

I like wordpress because you can also have more control over your SEO and therefore can work on getting your site more visibility.

SmugMug: (fee)

A great photography website. This is a site that has all sorts of templates, it’s really easy to do as it’s all about dragging and dropping and choosing your fonts and templates.

There is a monthly cost.  It will depend on what you need and the monthly cost is not bad at all.

They host the site.

This could be a site that you do quickly while you are working on your wordpress site.  You can get it up and running very fast.

Many photographers use this site.  I have used in the past too.

There are many more:  Weebly, Photoshelter, Zenfolio, PetaPixel…Wix is similar to SmugMug and has templates.  You can set it up fairly quickly.  I suggest that you “Google” and do a bit of research if you feel that you need more choices.  Take your time before you do your final choice.  You don’t want to keep changing the site as it’s very time consuming.

Look at other photographer’s websites for inspirations:

Tip:  Look at the photo market that you will be working in.  So if you are going to create a baby photography site, study baby photography sites and then create your own with your own look.

Understand the trends in your market!

Study the photographers that work in your area and around the world.

Make your site stand out.  Keep your photography website simple.

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