Photography Studio: Nature as a backdrop!

A Pleine Air Photography Studio can be fabulous!

Have you thought of just taking it all outside and letting nature design your photography studio?  You can play with depth of field and let the soft colors and objects blend for a great backdrop or a sharp depth of field to give a sense of location. Pleine Air Painters really new what they were doing.  They would spend hours out side painting and looking at the scene and it’s changing colors and sky.

Ok… back to our present moment.  We really can’t spend all day with a baby in our Pleine Air Photography Studio! But we can spend a few hours!

Here are some important tips for a Pleine Air Photography Studio:

  • Easy access.
  • Near facilities such as a store or  water… road.
  • Safe:  Do not go to Alligator Alley!
  • A place with plenty of trees for shade.
  • Only do this when it’s not too hot and when it’s not “mosquito season”!

Before you go on your photo session at your Pleine Air Studio, plan really well.  Take everything that you know you will need and what you think you will not use.  You will end up using it.

Take props.  Plenty of props.  Think of a color scheme.

Mom photographers:  You know how important it is to be efficient with time.  Knowing what you get, where it is… is important. Go before and photograph the different possibilities that you may think will work out as a backdrop. You want to go without your favorite model when you go scouting as you will want to study the location.  Actually , take some time off and make it a meditative walk!  It will make your photo session that much better!  Keep looking at colors and shapes.

It may be a good idea to enlist someone to go with you and help you carry everything.  That is the only problem with a Pleine Air Photography Studio.  But…if you have a garden, you will not have to go far and you can keep changing your backdrops just by adding new plants!

photography studioI think that this would be a fabulous Pleine Air Studio!

Take a peak at my Pleine Air Photographs from the board I created at Pinterest!

Marguerite Beaty

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