Your Newborn Baby Photo Journal

Photo Tips for a 30 day journal of your newborn baby

margueriteMarguerite Beaty:   Photography teacher.  Here are your baby photo classes: Baby photography classes for new moms.    Create fabulous memories.

When you have a baby you are so busy doing things that you do not even know what you are doing and it seems like you are trying to make everything work at once and nothing works at all.

newborn photography, baby photo, baby It can get so hectic that you forget to stop and looking at how your child is changing daily.  The first month seems to never end:  You are feeding the baby, changing the baby, feeding the baby, changing the baby and when you start to understand how every thing works and you see that there is pattern, you relax and that first month is gone…Do you have photos of how much different your baby looks?  The quick changes?

Here are some photo tips:

Before the baby is born:  Create a little area that will be your mini studio.   Get backgrounds and props ready for the different photo session. 1: Create a simple set 2: Add things as you photograph daily.  Small details like a prop on the baby.  The next day it can be a prop in the background or beside the baby.  This way the photos will look different as they should because it’s a different day. newborn, prop, photo, photography classes 3.  Make a list of what changed in the baby.  By week 3 you will notice some interesting changes.  Or not! This list will be part of your journal to add next to the photo of the day. 4. Have a heater nearby so that you baby is comfortable while you are photographing. 5. For posing you can use a small mattress or get a bean bag poser.  Here are some posing props that I found on Ebay. 6. Get some baby posing fabrics.  I found these on Etsy.  Posing Fabrics. 7.  Photograph every day.  Do a few poses.  It will be great if you do the same ones.  For example you can do one sideway pose, one photo taken from above and another one.  That way you will have the subtle changes recorded in a super visual way.   Some people add a ruler to show the change in length, other show the different clothes that don’t fit anymore as part of the background. 8.  Photograph the different accessories that the baby uses as time goes by.  When did the baby start using a bottle?  When did the baby get  a new cool bib?  When did the baby get a new pacifier?  When did the baby get the first Teddy bear or doll? At the end of the 30 days you will have at least 30 great photographs of the first 30 days in the life of your baby.  It will be a beautiful photo book! Marguerite Baby photography classes for new moms

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