How to Create a Photo Story for each Beautiful Event.

Do you have tons of photographs in a folder in our computer?  Just sitting there?

You can do short videos or a long book….  Or several short books.

Your own photo story.

Either way, start creating your own family history and adventures!

Edit your images and start lining them up.  How will you introduce the story?  Is it about a family trip?

Here is a video about a vacation I had last 4th of July when I visited my family:

If you can view the video here is the link to How to Create a Photo Story.

So this is just like writing!  Introduce the subject and then develop the plot!

If this is about a new family member:

Take photos of:

Before going to the hospital

at the hospital

The chaos around check in

Doctor entering the room

You getting ready

The arrival

Of course it will be up to you to decide how much you want to record!

Baby and parents first look at each other

Getting ready to leave the hospital (hallway ride on chair, balloons etc)

Entering the car.

Inside the car.

Arriving home.

Inside baby’s new room.

Edit out the best images and make you small album or video!

Now you will have a short and specific story about this amazing event!

The fun thing about thinking of your photos as a story  or the diary of your life is that it will get you to think of your images in a different way.  You will be recording more things.  You will also start to wonder about how you want to remember certain events.

The holidays are coming around.  So soon and so quickly.  Each holiday is a story of it’s own.  There are the preparations, the cooking, the gathering, the individual people.  So many details to add to your story .  They will make for a great memory book, video or web gallery if that is how you save your photographs!

Should you want tips for photo holiday cards….


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