Baby in a Flower Pot DIY

Have you noticed how more and more photographers are telling a story with one image?  Baby photography is evolving into mini visuals sets that tell more about the baby and maybe the family too!

I found a very cute photograph that is easy to do and you can have a lot of fun with.

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How to photograph baby in a flower pot.

Create your own studio at home!

The first thing that you want to consider is the background.  You want to keep the background clutter-free.  You can do this by setting up a studio at home.  Purchase a paper stand and photo paper, roll it down and you will have a fabulous clutter-free, wrinkle free background.

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Backdrop stand and photo paper background


You can also use fabric or create something fun on your wall.  But let me continue with this simple shoot.

1) Place the your background near a large window.  If you are not working with a paper background, create your set near a window.

2) Use continuous lights to brighten up the room.

3) Get a nice clean pot.  Fill it with foam or a thick soft blanket to make sure the baby will be comfortable.

4) Lay down the pot side ways and place the baby inside. You may need to add a little pillow (cover it with a white fabric) to make sure the head is raised a bit.  Remember to check that the baby is comfortable and safe.

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5) Stand above the baby and and the pot and point the camera straight down.  It’ s very important to stand in the middle of the set and that the camera is straight down.  If you shoot at an angle it may distort.  But… Having had said that try things out once you start photographing.

6) Photograph.

7) Fix the exposure until you have a good exposure.

8) In Photoshop: Turn the photo so that it looks like the pot is standing up with the baby up right.

9) In Photoshop: Create the shadow so that the pot looks like it is standing up.

This is one simple and safe way to do this photograph.  I found this photo in Depositphotos.

You can buy the paper stand and the paper at B & H Photo, they have a fabulous online division.

Here are 2 ideas for continuous lights:

Kit no 1

Kit no 2

When you get ready to buy your lights make sure to chat with the sales person and tell them what you are doing and let them know your budget.  They may have a better option for you.

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