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The Truth about Baby Photography

What can go wrong and how to deal with it

Get ready for a little surprise: Everything can go wrong in a baby photo shoot. Why? Because if the baby is not well, colic, uncomfortable or just having a hard day and you will not get a beautiful, soft baby photo. You may get some stressed out baby crying photos.

baby photography

colorful towels as props

This is why baby photography can be such a challenge.

If your baby model is not up to it, stop your session. There are several options after stopping. You can just wait for the baby to settle and that can take 10 minutes or 2 hours. You can reschedule the photo shoot.

If you choose to wait it out get ready for a long waiting time.

Stay calm.

Make sure that the parents stay calm.

When people are nervous the baby will pick up that vibration and it will be hard to work.

Find something to do while you are waiting. Just study all the props and your next photo set. Help with the baby so that mom can relax (be attentive as this may not be a welcomed event). Take a real break: Let mommy and baby bond and relax and leave the studio for a while.

When you start the photo session again work in a very focused way so that you can get some great images. There may be some issues as by the time you start mommy may be tired. Try to be understanding but stay focused on getting your good images. Once you made that decision to wait it out you must get at least 3 or 4 different poses!

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