Have you tried a digital prop?

Fun Newborn Photography Tips: Digital Propphoto composite

So, you don’t have that fantastic prop but you still want to create a cool baby photo?  With a little bit of Photoshop you can do a photo composite.  Photo composites can allow you to go a bit wild with your baby photos.

The best part: No dangerous poses but risky, fun and surreal photos.

Take the photograph of the baby first.  I am going to use one of the photos that I have used previously.  Baby on it’s side.  Fluffy white blanket.

Get the background photo:  I found this one on Etsy.  There are some cool ones there.  You will have a blast looking at all your wonderful possibilities.

I used Photoshop to merge the two images and to remove all the excess from the original baby photo. You can also do this on your phone with Superimpose App.  Very cool!  But if you want to print the image I suggest that you do all this with high resolution photographs and edit on Photoshop.

Try a digital prop!


Marguerite Beaty

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