Best Time for Newborn Baby Photography

When is the best time for Newborn Baby Photography Session?

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There are many answers here.  First of all it may depend where the window studio is located, if you have a window.  But…having had said that, there is always a way to work with windows.  If the sun is coming through the window, cover it with the translucent fabric.  If your window faces north, no problem.  Ok… so that was a bit about light.  You don’t want too much sun on your newborn baby photography set.

Now how about the best time to photograph a newborn baby?  I think that the best time to photograph is when the baby is sleeping. You can move her or him around softly. It will be easier to change poses and be creative with wrappings and props.  Some people like to do this after the baby has been fed, sleepy and comfy.  Others find it better to do this a few hours after the baby has been fed.  Each baby has his or her own pace…yes so soon!

My tip:  If you are the mom photographer, only you will know when your baby is calm, peaceful, a bit sleepy and ready to be photographed!

If you are the photographer I suggest that you speak to the mom and find out a bit about the baby that you are about to photograph!  Understanding their schedule will help you plan for your photo session.  Work with the baby, do not try to make the baby work around your schedule.  If you do that, it will be so frustrating!

So….There is not one real answer to this question.

Here is a tip for your photo session:

Keep the room warm so that the baby will be super comfortable.  Newborn baby photography requires special attention to room temperature.  That means you will probably not be that comfortable.  The whole idea is to make sure the baby is well and that the baby’s skin will not change color due to the temperature.  So important!

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