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We are having a photography contest for newborn announcement photographs.  I would like to add that if you have not taken such a photo and your baby is just a little older:  Go ahead and create an announcement!

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Element of Surprise

Newborn Announcement Photographs are so much fun!

They do not have to be complicated.  I found a wonderful photo that can be done at home at a very little cost.  Use an iphone or use a DSLR camera.  For the photo contest you can use anything that photographs.

The idea of the newborn announcement is to create an element of surprise.  So look at what you have at home.  This photo uses a white paper but if you do not have one …Do you have a solid color of wrapping paper?  I say solid because a pattern can be distracting.  And then again…. A cool pattern can be fabulous for a baby or your newborn announcement!

What else can you use that is around the house?  I found a very funny photo on facebook that had a baby inside a packing box.  The box is full of peanuts which made me a bit concerned but it’s still a very unique photo. There is an Owner’s Manual. AND that was the whole tease! I know so many people that wish that their baby came with a manual!  What a dream!  Anyways, this is a super photograph, creative and easy to do.    TIP:  The box must be filled with towels or a pillow or else the baby would sink.

Maybe you can do one WITHOUT the peanuts.

Here is an idea:

  • Get a large box, place a nice pillow inside.
  • Wrap the pillow with a material and this can be a great scarf or anything that has a cool pattern.
  • Place the baby inside an wrap the baby with a very wide bow.  Make sure the bow only covers the body:  We would love to see that cute baby face!

Go to our fan page to see this great photograph on facebook.

Happy photographing!

Do you want to learn how to photograph?      Baby Photo Classes online!

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