3 Ways to Capture your First Mother’s Day Memories

Happy Mother’s Day!

You will want to have special photographs that capture your First Mother’s Day memories.

If this is your second time around for  Mother’d Day, this will be good too!

Are you your own photographer?  So, is this a Selfie?

Here are some tips for the phone camera:

Get a Gorillapod that will allow you to put your phone on a tripod so you and your baby can pose:

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(You can Buy the Gorillapod Mobile at the Photojojo Store!)

This is a great little tripod because you can bend it and if you need to place it on a higher place you can wrap on the chair or something like that!

(I use an iphone so my tips will be for that phone, if you have a different one, look for Apps that work with your phone)

1) For the iphone get the App called: SelfTimer

This App will allow you to set the phone and then you and your baby can pose in front of the phone camera.

2) Get the App  PhotoToaster

This will allow to edit and change your photograph. Be super creative!

This is how the photograph was taken:


mother's day, baby, photo,


Personalize your images and add the emotion that you want to create.  By changing the colors and adding frames you will make your photographs unique.

Open PhotoToaster

Select the photo from your library.

Select:  Supreme  and then select Lomo and this is what you will get:

baby photo, motherhood, mom


A cool frame that looks like it was penciled in.  A warmer tone on the skin …Actually it gives it a retro look and a vignette adding to the retro look!

If you think that this is too orange then change it to Deluxe and then choose Fade Out:

photography classes, newborn photography classes


This has the vignette giving it a bit of a retro look and the skin tones are soft.  Look at those eye on the baby!

If  you want a sunburst color:

babyphotographyclasses, newborn baby


Select:  Deluxe and then select Sun Kissed.

This makes the photograph super warm, emphasizing the connection between mom and baby.

Photograph things that belong to your baby such as toys, clothes ….Your baby sleeping could be another good shot.

Play with the images.  I used a water color look from PhotoToaster.  I thought it gave it a children’s book look.

3) Create a Collage:

Select the images and edit in PhotoToaster.

Download:  ABM  (this will allow you to do frames and collages)

When you are in ABM, choose your frames and bring in the photos.

newborn baby photography

Mother’s Day Collage

Now you have a history of special memories for your first Mother’s Day!


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