Looking for a Good Photo Holiday Card Idea?

In search for DIY fun ways to create your own holiday cards ….

I was in the lobby of my building while they were setting up the Christmas tree.

Three people were putting up the lights and at one point they had to remove a whole string and it all fell on the ground and bunch up.

To their horror and my delight.  It looked like a nest all lit up!


There is so much that we can do with these Christmas lights.

I have seen some people hang strings of them on the wall and use it as a backdrop for a photo session.  I have seen people wrapped around with them.  I have to admit that I did not find the wrapping very beautiful but if only they thought a bit more they could have come up with something more unique…and it was not my photo shoot so it’s not for me to say!

Back to the nest idea:  You can wrap a baby basket and place the colorful fabric over the pillow and the baby there…and you have a unique photo!

I also saw this.  It is so simple and easy to do.


Photo Holiday Card Idea:  You can find all sorts of lights in different colors and shapes a 1000 Bulbs. Photographers Paradise!  This is a good investment as you can also use it for birthday backgrounds, Halloween props and for brightening up different areas on the set.  Lets say you want a bowl to look lit up:  Just put a bunch of lights in there.  Of course this will depend on how long the lights are and how large the bowl is.  But at this place you can get smaller bulbs.  But…if you wan to show that light is coming form inside an object, lets say a box:  Place a flash in there and it will look fabulous.

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