Kids and Costumes

Costume Season has arrived!

Halloween just went by and now were are getting close to Thanksgiving.
A great time to photograph family gatherings and take advantage of the decorations and festivities.

December will be time for elves,Santas, colors pertaining to different cultures and lots of fun backgrounds for your family photos. Time for kids and costumes!

Do you want to create a great holiday photo?

For baby photography: Choose your design. The colors will let people know which holiday you refer to incase your image arrives too soon!

Dress the baby in a fun way to emphasize the holiday.
Photograph with daylight so that you will get a wonderful light.
Create your mini photo studio by a window.
Avoid bright sun. Try to get a nice soft light.

If you need extra light turn on some lights or use a photo continuous light or a flash as a fill.
If your child is already moving around and has shown of great independence:
Go with the flow!
Make this into a photo game.
The minute you ask him or her to smile it will not happen.
Just keep photographing.
Change places with the child.
Have them move around and keep them active so that they do not become aware of how important this is to you!

Have a lot of fun.
Make everything bright and fun!
Marguerite Beaty
Kids and costumes

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