What’s Inside The Photo Bag? Travel Packing.

Inside the photo bag, the new waxed canvas that I so love.  The bag that can be worn as a go-t0-bag or a photo bag…And I am digressing!

What’s inside my Photo Bag?

outside and inside the photo bag

Inside my Photo Bag: Travel Photo Equipment

photo not included: 2 plugs so that I can use my electronics in England and Scotland.  So I bought a Mac Air and that is another toy that I am having so much fun with!   I am taking My Sony nex 7, a fisheye lens a wide angle lens, batteries, battery charger, Led lights from Photojojo for the camera and the iphone.  Mini tripod for my camera from B & H.  I also have a mini tripod for the iphone.  I can use these mini tripod for the lights or the cameras.  The clamps are for the mini led light or other things.  I also have Gaffer’s tape so that I can diffuse the lights with paper.  The Camalapse will be for my camera. I take my time choosing exactly what will be inside camera bag because I don’t want to have a heavy bag.

A note to mom photographers:  The flash on the Sony nex 7 is not the strongest one and that is why I am taking the led lights.  I have not figured out how to add a large flash onto this camera.  If you have an active child you may want a camera that allows you to have a larger flash.  If you have a baby who is still sleeping a lot…you will be fine!

How I will pack and accessorize my photo bag.

The idea of this bag is that I can dress it up and dress it down.  I do not want a photo bag that will attract the wrong attention during my travels.  But I also do not want a bag that doesn’t make a statement on different occasions!

photo waxed canvas bag

So here is my walking and hiking travel photo bag. Perfect size.  View photo below of inside photo bag and all the equipment you just saw on the top photo.

inside the camera bag

What’s inside my photo bag

My photo bag accessorized:

Now lets talk about what’s not inside the Photo Bag, but what is outside my photo bag!

This is the bag with a leather and metal chain over the crossover strap.  I tied an Hermes scarf on the side for some color and print!  This is the museum hopping bag!

camera bag with accessory

Leather and chain over strap and scarf

This next one has a black crossover strap that belonged to another bag.  It has the leather and chain strap over it and of course the Hermes scarf.  I know… but I love this scarf!  It was a very very special gift!  And this can be my evening camera bag.  I can change the scarf and make it more discrete or more cheery.

travel camera bag and accessories

So now I have many possibilities!

What kind of a photo bag are you going to get?  What is inside the photo bag? And the accessories?


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