Getting ready for the holiday photos

So how are you doing your  holiday

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Are you going to be doing family portraits?  Are you taking a fabulous photo of your baby?  What are you all going to wear?  I started looking at Pinterest for some ideas and look at what I found:

Some horrible costumes, some funny, some serious and a bit for everyone!

Portrait Photography: Halloween


Here are some tips:  Keep it really simple.  You are going to be busy collecting candy, watching everyone.  Just take your phone camera and choose a fun background.  Ask people to jump.  Get movement. Move your camera while you are photographing and you will get some funky images. Have fun with your photo sessions and snap photos. A great way to show a little fear  will be fun for your holiday photos and goes with the Halloween motif! Kids and costumes is a lot of fun to photograph.


Have you tried this app?  Lots of fun:  Edit your photo with a Beautiful Mess App. You can add:




change the colors

make this your own by adding your ideas – make it unique!


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