Holiday Lights and Photography

I have been writing so much about kids, costumes and background lately.  I must remember that the whole town is now wearing a holiday costume!  Every street has some sort of light display, trees wrapped in lights or little ornaments here and there.

These are also great backgrounds for a holiday announcement or “hello” card.  There …I said it.

I love walking down the streets and seeing all the holiday lights!

holiday lights, photography

This could be a great background for your photo!

Some streets look more mysterious, others are fun, some are over done.  It’s a carnival of ideas.  These are so much fun to photograph!

Place your family in front of a fantastic light display and you will have the most unique photo card.  Or…Just use this as a card.

Tips for night photography:

Use a slow shutter so that you can get some ambient light.  I used a shutter of 30 seconds for this photo.

A tripod is a must:  I used my small table top Manfrotto which I carry with me all the time!

F stop 22 for maximum amount of sharpness in the photograph.

ISO 100.

My camera was a Sony nex-7.  My latest passion in cameras!  Nice and light and great quality images.

Some noise in the night photos so extra attention to low ISO to minimize that!

If you are going to place people in front of a display like this:  Use the same setting and add your flash.  Flash (or strobes) freeze motion.  So you will still get details in the dark due to the slow shutter and the flash will light up everyone.  Did you know that the worst flash is the one that is placed over the camera?  If you must  do that: diffuse the light.  Otherwise place the flash next to you on it’s own stand.  That should have a diffuser on it too.  It will make the light softer!

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