Happy Birthday Prince George!



So much talk, so much speculation and finally it’s here!  Prince Georges birthday.  I will want to see the party photos…but I do not suppose that these will be shared like so many other celebrities share their baby birthday party photos.

Is he just having a bunch of parties all over the place?  Some say  Scotland, some say England, some say a party with each granny…Who knows!

What kind of plans do you make for your special celebrations?  Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the details? Theme?  Color?  Co ordinate color of icing with the napkins and balloons? Clothes?

I am reading all the wonderful head lines:

Prince George is King of the world on his first birthday  USA Today

BBC: Prince George pictures mark the royal baby’s first birthday

Royal family to celebrate Prince George’s birthday with tea party  Daily News

Queen is expected to attend Prince George’s birthday party  Telegraph

So why am I writing these headlines?

Wouldn’t it be fun to do something like on your baby journal?   Create a sensational record of the event.

Start off with a fabulous headline:

Baby Christina will celebrate her birthday surrounded by pink balloons and family.

A Grand tea party will be served to celebrate…

The British Monarchy has a Facebook page.  You can do a private web site for your family should you be concerned with privacy.  Have a designer create a WordPress site and you can start your baby and family journal.  All that can become a fabulous book later on.  Make sure to keep your original photos in a safe place.

Add details about your family that you will want to remember.  Was the special day spent with family and friends? Which toy did the baby carry along all day?  What kind of games were played? What did the baby wear?  Yes, why not? Aren’t we reading about Prince George’s clothes all the time?

So Happy Birthday Prince George and Happy Birthday to all!


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