Quick Tip: Focus

For DSLR cameras

Are you having a problem with your focus?

Is the most important part of your photograph … a bit blurry?

Try this:

Set your lens to AF (this will most likely be on your lens)

Set your point of focus to ONE (Sorry:  You will need to check your manuals as every camera is different).  This is what it looks like on this Rebel Canon camera:

Canon, focus points, camera


When you are ready to shoot, place the point of focus on the baby’s eye.  This is so much easier with newborns because they do not move around!


The idea is to move the point of focus to where you want it and not move the camera in the hope that you will place the point of focus on the right place, lock it and then re frame.

This takes some practice and will change how you shoot!

Using a sharp depth of field will provide for sharp images.  When you place the point of focus on the most important area of your photograph: You will enhance that spot more.

This work super with shallow depth of field technique and with the sharp depth of field technique.

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