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Baby photography classes for new moms. Create fabulous memories.

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Creating a fabulous Father’s Day Memory

Do you have a great photo of you and your dad?  One that puts a warm smile on your face and your heart?

I have a very spontaneous one of my dad and I when I was just a baby.  I love this photo.

father's day, baby, photo

This was taken the year I was born or at least that is what my mother jotted down.  I think that it’s the only baby photo with my father.  He usually took the photographs.  I moved around so much that I lost many of my family photos.  Some due to our house getting flooded and others due to boxes getting mis placed.

Maybe this is why photography became so important to me.  So many lost memories in all those boxes and photo books.

What kind of a photograph are you going to create?  Will be doing a pose in a studio like setting?  Will you go to a wonderful location?  Will it be at your home?

Your baby should have a wonderful photograph with mom and with dad and then with each one.  These are special moments in ones life.  You will also cherish these photos as your child grows older.

Here is a tip:  Take the photograph of your family with the same background throughout the year and you will have a very fun memory and record of time passing by.

Another tip is to recreate a photo similar to one of you and your father.  This can be a lot of fun as you will see the difference in time.  If you want to make it look a bit older you can use one of those great Apps to change the appearance a bit.  I didn’t need to do this to this one….It really is looking old!  The photo book is falling apart!

But onto your image:  The important this is to create fabulous memories!


Baby photography classes for new moms

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