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Photo Tips for Father’s Day

I have been looking around for some fun ideas for photos or fathers and babies or fathers and children.  I found a lot of images of fathers throwing their kids up in the air.  Be attentive:  Many of these images are composites.  The babies or kids or so high up that it would be impossible to do.  So if you want a action photo like that get ready to spend some time in front of the computer. I am not sure why most of the images of fathers and children always had  some sort of action in the  shot.  I looked for the photographs  that would be fun, have a nice angle and showed a special moment.  I liked this one.  Granted, you cannot see the Dad’s face but I love the moment. baby photography, father and baby, newborn photography This photograph is a simple one to do:  Place dad a + baby very nearby a window.  Use natural day light for this and avoid the flash.  The result will be nice and soft.  For you to have a good exposure you will want to avoid the midday sun as it will wash out the colors.  Photograph with a large aperture so that you will obtain a soft background. After a photo like this you can do one like this: father and baby, father's day Turn the dad around and photograph.  Baby can be looking towards the camera or not.  It’s about the moment and of course what you want to photograph! So this is one for dad and an older child.  There is a certain age that children get bored with poses.  So maybe this is the reason for all those action shots?  Anyways when toddlers and older kids like to move, move with them. father and daughter, father's day, photography tips I love this shot because it looks so spontaneous! Don’t forget that you can also add some fun photo editing to change the look of the image! father and daughter, father's day, photography   Make bold and add soft edges or give it a more nostalgic feeling.  This is where you will be adding your creativity and will have more fun with your photos! Marguerite Baby photography classes for new moms

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