Going away on a family vacation?

Or Staying at home?

Either way this is a great time to do things with the kids.  Simple things.  Right?

Will your vacation be on the beach?  What will you do with your kids at the beach?

Take TONS of things for the kids to play with and for you to play with them.  The key is to keep busy and entertained.

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What to do with your kids on your vacation

Toys are essential and then take things to do in the water.  A swimming mask to watch what is under the water.  Balls are fun to play with and easy to deal with.
I love kites for the end of the day and some exercise at sunset.  They scream vacation to me!

I know…so much for mom and dad’s sleepy day off at the beach, right?  You can do that when they go off to school.  For now …. It’s all about the kids!  🙂

Take your camera so that you can take lots of cool photos.

These summer shots are the most fun.  It’s all about using the props and it’s a great way to play with your kids.

Line up all the colorful things that you took and place your child in a nice spot. Show the beautiful view.  The best time to photograph is early in the morning and late afternoon.  The beach will reflect a lot of light so if you go at mid day your photos will have a harsh light and people will be squinting.  But maybe mid day is a good time to rest, right?

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t look at the camera.  You can still create a beautiful photo.  It’s all about the memories and this will do super.  And then again if you stay there long enough maybe they will turn around for a fun photo!

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