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Most people I speak with a are not doing mini portraits of their family on special occasions.  They will have a baptism with  a fun party after and count on different people taking snap shots of each other.  What happens is that there is not a record of the immediate family.

I think that the big problem is that  so many people have cameras and now so many people are using their smart phones and the role of the photographer has become less important.

You do not have to hire a photographer.  But you should designate a photographer to get some important shots for you on every occasion.  If you are the family’s photographer, ask someone to press the button for you.

Memories are created through special events and it will be so much fun to be able to look at the photos later on.  Children can see the attention they received at their first birthdays, baptisms and other important days. Family portraits are important.  They create nostalgia.  They allow us to remember.

So take lots of snaps and don’t forget the group shot.

The group shot for the family portrait:

This can be done in a formal way or a fun snap.

If you don’t have anyone to help: set the camera on a tripod and use the self timer.  Smart phones: There is an App for this 🙂

You can choose a place where you will pose everyone.  Make sure that it’s a nice background.  No funny things sticking out of people’s heads.  When the time comes for the photo you will be ready.  Just take everyone to your spot.

When you finish your formal portrait:  Have everyone jump or clap their hands or some sort of movement.  Now you will have one formal shot and one fun.

If you just want a snap look:  You can pose for that too.  Look for an informal background and you can have people in different place posing but not to posed.

When you are shooting with a DSLR:  Set it to Aperture priority and shoot at F11 for more sharpness.  If you know how to shoot in manual mode I suggest that you set it to F11 too.

You can always use the flash on your camera as a fill.  Do not use it as the main light as it will be harsh.

BUT:  If you need to use the flash as a main light:  Do so!  You don’t want to loose an opportunity!

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