Celebrity Monday: Fun Moments

Fun Moments: Family Portraits

What is it that we like so much about the celebrity family photos?  It’s the fun spontaneous moments.  They look like they are enjoying themselves.

Family Moments or nano seconds

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I love the idea that some of the photos look like the celebrities are on there way to somewhere.  Usually they are not going anywhere specific. They are lucky that they have paparazzi photographing them and documenting their little moments.

We need to be our own paparazzi and mommarazzis and take our family portraits.  Our fun moments of the day.  So time to take out those phones and cameras and start snapping important moments to places.  Getting coffee.  Getting out of the car.  Riding a bike. Walking around the neighborhood. Having breakfast. Reading. Relaxing.

This may give you fun ideas for the family to do.  When was the last time you went on a picnic?  Are there activities you can do together?

You will be surprised how much you will like these memories or your family fun moments.  I have old photos of my family in front of strange places.  I remember the moments.  I remember the feeling and I remember the day.  I absolutely love it.  My father had a camera with him all the time.  There were times it drove me nuts.  I lost many photos due to all my moving around and treasure the ones that I have.

Create a yearly album of your family.  You can do books on Blurb or other self publishing companies.  Don’t leave them on the computer.

By the way:  This is a note to self.  I end up so excited about the next bunch of photos and forget to create an album… My tip is to create the album and work on it monthly.  I will be taking my own advice this year.  Thought you would like to know.

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