4 Ways to Get Better a Exposure

Working with a budget:

1)  If your studio space is too dark (this can be your real studio, your client’s home, anywhere you set your photo-set.)

Always take white boards with you on a photo session.  The white boards will allow you to reflect more light onto the photo set. You will be able to have a lighter exposure.  You can place a white board on 3 sides of the baby to make sure that there is white light bouncing back towards the baby.

2) One of the boards can be wrapped in foil (DIY reflector) or you can buy a photo reflector and place it near the baby set.

3) Use a reflector to bounce light onto the face.  This needs to be place strategically so that it won’t cover the camera and so that it’s directed towards the face.  The face will have a slightly lighter exposure than the rest of the body and set.

4) Work with 2 lights:  One can bounce off the ceiling and the other can be pointed toward the baby at a 45 degree angle and do not point the center of the light onto the baby.  Work with the softer part of the light.  You can also add an umbrella for a good and diffused light.

Chances are the the darkest area will be the baby’s face and so that is where you will want to reflect more light.

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If you know that the place you will work in is dark:  Avoid dark props like the one above.  Dark colors absorb light.

Use a lot of pale colors to keep the set bright.

The thing that we photographers forget is that a photo session will be all about problem solving.  So you will need to work around what you have. Every photo session will have it’s unique challenges for you to solve.  This is what is fun about photography.  The photo shoots are never the same.

When you are ready:  Buy yourself good strobes and large umbrellas.  They will provide the best lights.

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