Just Back from Edinburgh: The Museum of Childhood

Just back from Edinburgh and going through all my photos and remembering the places I went to.  There is a small museum called the Museum of  Childhood off of the Royal Mile.

It was the strangest and most interesting place.  It’s a rather small museum. There is a large display of old toys and dolls.  Very nostalgic and fun.  It’s not a “children’s museum”.  But it’s a fun place for kids as they have a large table with some blocks and simple toys for kids.  I was surprised to see the kids super entertained with these pieces or wood.  Probably a good change from their usual electronic toys!

I loved the sign over the door:

Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh

Museum of Childhood








The collection of little cars were displayed in a mini parking lot.   Loved seeing all the different colors.

toys, museum of childhood


The dolls were in large carriages and some had beautiful expressions.

doll, children, museum

doll at Museum of Childhood












And  the toy soldiers…. and more.

Toy Soldiers, museum







There is something for everyone and it was fun to stop in and check  it out.

While on my trip to Edinburgh the museums became my refuge when it rained.  The cool thing about the Royal Mile is that it has a bunch of small museums.  Some more interesting than others… of course.  But all were a delight as they are in houses that I would not have been able to see if they had become these museums.

Worth a visit.  If you are going with a child and are wondering around and want to go in:  It does have steps!  But then so does most of the city…steps and hills!






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