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Do you want to learn how to create your own background for your photographs?

There are several fun editing softwares you can use.  Some you will need to pay and others are for free.

Here is a video of how I made and used this house for a background.  This was done with Photoshop.

They are a series of shapes and colors and it’s an easy way to create your own background for your photographs.

DIY photo background

baby photography background










Take a look at the short video for some brief tips. Create your own photo background.

baby with DIY background








And this is what you can do with it!

This is a fun way to create your own personalized card for announcements and for holidays.  You can also use photographs, I’ll add a link at a later post.  Photographs of forests, beaches and far away place can make for fabulous cards.

Choose a plain background with a solid color.

Photograph your family or friends.

Make sure that the light is even and that the exposure is good.

Create a background: in Photoshop or similar software.

Make it colorful and add fun shapes.

Transfer the photo of the family onto your new fun background, remove the solid color so that the background you made will come through.  Check that the edges are nice and clean so that it will blend in.  Re size so that it will fit the background proportionally.  This is really just like making a collage.

If you find that this is a bit too much there are softwares like pic monkey that allow you to just add the photo and they will provide you with frames, fun shapes, cartoons and all sorts of things that will make your photograph become a fun and unique card.

Tips for: DIY Holiday Cards.




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