What Camera Should I buy?

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5 reasons to buy a Sony nex 7

I am always getting this question: What camera should I buy.  I will be discussing several cameras throughout the year but now… I would like to talk to you about my latest passion and why this little camera can be a great option.

1) The Sony nex -7 is a light camera.  It’s small.  It’s does not fit on your pocket (but then, that place is reserved for your phone!).  It does fit in most small bags.

2) This is a camera that has a great kit lens or you can buy different lenses.  So it’s small, light and you can change the lenses!  Sony lenses are top notch.  The images are so clear and sharp.  You can also get an adapter and use lenses made by other companies.  So, on top of all that, this is a flexible camera.

3) It’s user friendly!  Yes.  Ok…Here is the thing. I do suggest that you spend some time with the manual and get to know the locations of the buttons. Once you know that you will see that it’s very easy to navigate the buttons and dials.  It’s an intuitive camera.  Remember…I did say to spend some time with the manual!

4) The quality of the images are phenomenal.  The lenses are very well made.  The camera itself is super.

5) Wifi on newer versions!  How cool can that be?  Straight from the camera to your email or apps.

I own this camera and I have been using this more and more.  My next step is to buy the little gadget that I need in order to use it for portrait and in my studio.  I have traveled with the camera.  It is a good all around camera.

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What camera to buy?

This is my camera at work at the Vizcaya Museum in Miami, Florida.

I have to tell you all something that really surprised me and made me so happy.  Sony has very good customer service.  I took this camera all over and did not take much care to protect the LCD.  I do not like to use  camera protectors.  So this camera got bumped around a lot and I scratched the LCD.  I had to change this small part.  Sony was incredible.  I actually spoke to people on the other side of the line.  They sent me messages about the progress of the service.  It was a pleasure.  No…I do not work for them and do not own any shares!

Ok…I know you really can’t see the camera so here is another photo!

Look how slim it is: One side is less than an inch and the other (the battery side) is around 2 inches wide.  This photo has the camera with a wide angle lens so it makes it even more compact.  I do suggest getting the kit lens as you will be able to do beautiful portraits and landscapes.  A wide angle lens will not be good for portraits as it will distort the subject.

Marguerite Recommends:

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Mom photographers:  This is a great option for you.  You will be able to grow as a photographer as you can get more lenses and gadgets for this camera.  It ‘s fabulous for night photography too!

Here is my favorite store …where you can buy this camera and read more reviews.  Amazon

Sony Alpha 7 at Amazon  This one has wifi.

Don’t forget to buy extra batteries and lots of memory cards.

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