Accessories: The Camera Bag

Camera bag: Which one do want?

I just got a fabulous camera bag at Nikolette but before I show you my bag I want to discuss some other really cool bags so that you can make your own choices.

Camera bags are so personal.  Just like all our other bags: epiphanie  I like these bags because they can be used as normal bags for other things.  Many possibilities many colors.The other camera bag company that I like is the Jill.e designs.  This company has been around for awhile and I have been following their business.  They also have a beautiful bag just for the tablet!  So chic!Kelly Moore makes camera bags for men and for women.  All sorts of colors and sizes and great style. Their site is fun and you can see some videos.THEIT has some wonderful designs. The Bossi Bag can be worn out to events, movies or to your next photo session! Jo Totes has fun and original designs.  Leather, canvas, prints and solids.  You will enjoy going through this site.

When you choose your bag you will need to think about how you will be using it.  Are you a mom with tons of things to carry?  Do you think a back pack may be better?  Do you like to have a more discrete design that can be used for other situations?

When I started looking for my camera bag I knew that I wanted a waxed canvas bag.

I have fallen in love with everything waxed canvas: Beautiful Barbour jackets, pants, bags… So I went looking for a bag and found them in many man places.  The thing is that I also wanted it to have a slight distressed look.  Not too much.  I wanted to have that special contrast when I use a really nice suite.  There is something about that look that I love!  Ok…so I went online and bought and returned many bags.  I finally went to Etsy and found Nikolettebags.  They have their own site and you can visit on the link that I just added.

I fell in love with a bag,camera bags, waxed canvas camera bag   it wasn’t a real camera bag and I wrote to the owners to find out more about the sizes and materials.  I explained that I was about to leave on a trip and wanted that to be my camera bag.  They made a bag that allowed me to put the camera, Mac Air and all my so important accessories in it!  They were super!

It arrived just on time and I already spent time fitting things into it, choosing the right accessories for my bag.

This is a bag that I can use day or night time, for my photo sessions and for my travel photography.  It’s my new go to bag.  Wait and see the accessories that I have prepare for my new camera bag!

By the way, I am off to Scotland where I will be walking, hiking, under the sun, the rain and drizzle.  The waxed canvas will allow me to be under different types of weather and conditions.  Out for the day and out for the night.

Marguerite Beaty


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