Baby’s Online Photo Album

Where to make your Baby’s Online Photo Album.

Most of us take tons of photos and leave them on our phones. That’s ok but …What if something happens?  There are different ways that you can store your baby’s photos.  Creating online albums or beautiful sites will allow you to share your baby’s photographs in fun ways.  A site will help  you keep your most precious memories safe and easy to share.

An online album can be a great photo website.  Some sites also create books and other products while they store images for you and some only print and do not store.

Lets take a look at some options for your baby’s online photo album:


Allows you to store your photos.  You can create different albums: Public or private.

Shutterfly makes it really easy to print your images and to create photo albums.    I like Shutterfly because they  are an independent company.  They have been around for a long time.  Their quality is good.

You can make so many different things on their site.  It’s user friendly and their products are great.  Free storage.


If you just want to create a site and have all your images in one place and keep them really organized get a site like SmugMug.  This is basically a photo storage site.  You can have fun creating your site while using their templates.  Personalize it with your favorite colors and fonts.  You can also print from the site.  They have different prices ranges.  They have an App so that you can share the images in an well designed and organized manner! This will look like a baby’s online photo album because of their designs. Their price for a personal site is very doable.

Flickr (Yahoo)

This is more of a photo storage site.  You can create different albums.  This is just to share your images and to store them. Flickr belongs to Yahoo.

I also like Flickr because they have a strong photography community and if you want to share your images or see what others are doing this is a fun place to be in! Free.


This is a very cool site.  You can upload your images and create albums and videos.  They have music that you can download to make your family videos fun.  It’s not a photography storage site.

You can create collages, invitations and cards.  Lots of possibilities!


This is only for printed things such as books, cards, calendars and prints.


Create your e magazine: Kind of fun, right?  This is for free and there are different options.  I loved this idea because you can create a yearly  e magazine to share with friends and you can also print it. I love the idea of flipping through the pages electronically.

I do think that it’s best to print albums in book forms.  A hard cover will protect the images well. I also love the idea of the e magazine…tough choice there 🙂


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