Pose for Success

Do you want to know the secret to baby photography?

It’s in the Baby Pose!

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3 Tips for Newborn Baby Photography

  1. Plan your poses ahead of time.  Make a list of your favorite poses.  Study how they are done.  If you are photographing for someone make sure to ask them to send you photos of their favorite poses.  If you feel that there is a pose that is not safe or that you might find challenging:  Don’t do it.  Keep the newborn baby pose simple and easy.
  2. Create a list of the order of the poses.  This is very important!  You want to make sure that you can go from one pose to the next one in a very smooth manner.  Do all the lying down poses first.  Try the raised poses or side ways baby poses only after you have finished all the ones that he or she is sleeping! If you do not have any experience with baby photography, practice with a doll before hand.  It will make your photo session more efficient.  For example if you will do several images of the baby facing up:  Gently change the background he or she is lying on so that it won’t wake them up.  Or just change the background paper and now you have your second shot.  You can change the poses slightly by adding a prop but that may wake up the baby so make sure to get all you can while the baby is sleeping and only change the pose after you have what you need from the pose you started off with.
  3. Use posing props to help the baby stay in the pose that you want. Props will be your best friend and help you get the look you need.  Make sure that props do not show up in the photo.  Cover up everything.  Props will help the baby stay safe and comfy.  Every time you change a pose give the baby some time for them to go back to sleep and then start you photo session again. Slow down how you work, newborn baby pose take time and the baby will need to adjust to the changes.

If you want to learn more about baby poses spend a little time on Pinterest.  I am a big fan of Pinterest.  I love to create my boards.  They help me stay organized and they make me more creative.  The idea is not to copy but to get ideas so that you have a starting point.  And…If you do plan to copy:  That is ok too.  No two photos are exactly alike and why not, right?  I learn a lot from other photographers.

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