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Where can I get some cool background for my baby photography? There are several ways to work with backgrounds. If you are going to do photographs indoors: Get photo background stands.  You can go to B & H ( I do not get a commission).  Look around for stands in other places and don’t forget to check out ebay and Etsy. Now it will be up to you to add whatever you want to your stand.

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Hang cutout shapes. Colorful paper backdrops.  You can get solid rolls of paper in all sorts of colors at photo shops. You can hang beautiful fabric from the stand. You can add balloons and all sorts of fun things. Here is a fabulous idea from Young House Love.  This is specially great if you will place your baby laying on the ground.  Photo background ideas. Here is a blog post about doing your own photo backdrop. Do you have a photo question? Send it to us and we will answer it on FAQ Tuesdays:  Baby Photography Photo Question Day. newborn baby , photographer, baby We teach baby photography classes.

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