Learning Baby Photography?

Do you want to learn how to photograph baby photography?  Can’t get the models you need to practice?  Use a doll. Seriously.  A doll will help you learn poses, how to place the lights in the correct place and how to create a photo set.  A doll does not need to be fed, stop for a break and you take your time.

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My tip: When you start to shoot professionally continue to use that doll so that you can have your sets ready for your customers, lights in place and the exposure correct.  You may need to do a minor bit of tweaking for the exposure as everyone’s skin reflects light differently.

Yes!  Can you believe that?  Some people will reflect the color red.  You will not see this with your eye.  I found this the most amusing thing and it surprised me.  I thought that I had not set the color balance properly or that I made a mistake with my lights…No, skin is awesome and everyone is so different.  So get ready for that.

Back to the doll.  You can find some very realistic dolls that will help you understand the nuances of baby photography. I bought mine on Ebay.  My students big question is:  Is it a boy or a girl?  The great thing about it is that it’s flexible and will fit any of my posing needs.  It fits super in a boy setting or a girl setting.

So practice using a doll.  After all baby photography is so much more about the lights and the sets.  The baby will come into the area only when all this is ready.  What better way to work than this?

You can create a different set a few times a month just to practice and to learn about set creations.  We will discus this more later!

Happy shooting.

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