Baby Photography:

10 Baby Photography Tips

1) Photograph near a window and take advantage of daylight.

2) Plan your styling!  Choose some nice colors for the background.  For example you may want to use flowers or stripes as a sheet for the baby bed.  Place your baby on top and he/ she will be surrounded by a fun pattern.  Or you may want a calm pastel color.

3) Sleeping babies are beautiful.

10 baby photography tips

4) Wide eyed babies are so much fun.

5) Photograph from different angles and camera heights.  Take photographs looking straight down at your baby.  Photograph the baby sideways (make sure you have a nice background)

6) De clutter your photographs:  If you are photographing in the living room or an area that has a lot of things be attentive to the background.  You may want to change the camera angle so that you will not have too many objects in your photos.

7) Use small towels or small pillows to prop up your baby.

8) Change the baby position slowly.  After each change, wait for the baby to get used to it before you tweak the pose.  You do not want to fuss…. No agitations!

9) Place the camera at eye level to your baby.   Get close up and take details.

10) Choose fun props!

There are some more things that need to be taken into consideration.  A lot more but these are good beginning.

One thing that you want to be careful about is to keep the room warm so that the skin tone will not show cold!

Props:  Take a look at Etsy and see all the wonderful things that can be used for your own photo session.

If you have any tips about props that you want to share:  Let us know.


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