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I find that one of the best places to find baby photography props is at Etsy.  When you start to look for some beautifully pained and make to look slightly aged boxes, here is a good source for you!

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Props4Photography Etsy store

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Props4Photography at Etsy.

Photo Props

Boxes are a lot of  fun and they can be decorated in so many ways.  The thing to do is to make sure that you add a very comfy pillow or small mattress and then line the sides so that the baby will always be comfy.  The great thing about these boxes is that they can be re designed for different photo shoots.  You can paint them in solid colors or add some fun patterns.  If you put then on top of 4 wheels it will become a fabulous little cart.

You can stand up the box and use the backside as a background. It will add some beautiful texture to your photographs.  If you buy a few of these, lets say 4 and then pile them up…that can also be a fun backdrop.

This is the type of prop that will photograph well in the studio or outside with a country background.  It will also look fabulous on the beach.  It’s really quite versatile and will be up to you to go wild with it and use it in many different ways!

When your newborn is older this can be a box for toys.


Recycle again and use it as a small sitting bench for the next portrait session.  You will really get a lot out of these  baby photo props!

You can do a record of your child’s growth and take the sitting box to the same place that you photographed your new-born inside the box.  Photograph with the same exact environment.  It’s a fun way to show the different phases of your child.

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Take a look at some of the ways that Props4Photography uses these boxes and you will get some fabulous ideas.  I love them.


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