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We are seeing some changes in terms of baby photography, portraits of mommy and newborn and family.  Lifestyles are popping up more and more.  Some say it’s due to the fabulous photo of Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s baby photos.  Their family photos are the best examples of good lifestyles.  We see the kids in relaxed atmospheres, playing with mum and dad and then we also see the awesome baptism photos with all their formalities.

It’s really interesting because we see the relaxed photos but we know there was a lot of styling and preparation involved.

So now after doing your beautiful newborn baby photos you will start doing portraits of the family with the baby.

Mommy and baby

Add the environment, show how the family lives.  This is the beginning of baby’s diary.

  • Photograph at eye level.
  • Photograph the parents looking at the baby. Show their relationship.
  • Keep props to a minimum.  Not it’s all about the relationship.

And what if you are the photographer of your baby?  Get a tripod and use the self timer or ask a friend to help.

Marguerite Beaty

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