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Photographer: Marguerite Beaty

Why I started these newborn baby photography classes online.

It started like this:  Moms would call, make an appointment.  Nannies would cancel their date, moms would cancel their photography class.

Another scenario would be that moms would arrive with their babies,carriages, props and their nannies … and the babies would become restless or some even began to get sick (feverish) and they had to cancel the photography class.

It’s a challenge to go to classes when you depend on someone to take care of your newborn baby or child.  Your schedule is not your own anymore and things may change so quickly throughout your day.

The online newborn baby photography classes are here to solve that problem. Stay at home, learn how to photograph your baby.  You can stop to oversee anything and everything and come right back to your photography class.

For those of you who are using a camera phone:  Jump right into the online photo classes for camera phones! The newborn baby photo class can be done with a phone camera or a dslr camera.  You decide!

We will review your newborn baby photographs and give you video critiques with tips and comments.

You can also have a one on one with me so that I can answer specific questions about your newborn baby photographs! Sign up now for this great and easy to do online newborn baby photography class! Our Photo Blog will have good tips for your.

A little about Marguerite

Marguerite Beaty, baby photography classes

Marguerite & the Diana Camera

I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil. I have been living in New York and Miami for 24 + years.   I only lived one year in NYC and came to Miami because I missed a plane to Antigua.  I fell in love with the blue sky and the palm trees… I know… a bit of a cliche.  But it was a long winter in NY!

I was educated  and lived in many places as my family moved around – sometimes they only move me around…  Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland and the US. I received a full scholarship from the University of Miami to do the Master of Fine Arts in Photography.

I grew up with  around many photographers in my family.  None of them were professionals.  My grandmother had a collection of Brownies, Rolleiflex and other cameras and my father was always buying the new  any new gadget that created an image.

My family lived in Brazil and in the U.S.

My father used to take tons of photographs of us  (the Brazilian bunch) to send and to show to our American halves.  We were photographed jumping, sleeping, brushing our teeth, running around… you get the picture.

I was basically growing up with a camera in front of me. I got my first camera, a Brownie, when I was 8.  I have read about so many photographers starting to photograph at 8.  It must be a mystical and magical number.

So…Now it was my turn to record my family and have a great time.  I had my first serious photo class when I was 16.  From then on I have never stopped photographing.

I love the idea of creating visual diaries.

Now I help you photograph your family and create wonderful memories! Marguerite Beaty Photographer