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Which lens should I use and which F-stop will be the best one for baby photography?

I have a special question from a student who just finished the Newborn Baby Photography class.  He wants to know about the F- stop and the lens for baby photography.  I think his question was more about the F-stop but I can’t chat about the F-stop without addressing the lens!

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Lets discuss the F-stop!

I love images that have a soft background.  This is a great way to make sure that the baby will be the center of attention (as he or she should be).

Use the largest aperture on your lens.  This might be: F1.4, F2.8, up to F5.6.

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When you use a large aperture, what you focus on will be sharp and the rest of the photograph will appear to have a softer focus.  It’s called the shallow depth of field.  Look at the sample below:


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The photo above was take with a 85mm lens and the aperture was set at F2.8.

You can create the same effect if you use a 50mm lens at 5.6.  If you have a zoom lens that goes to 70mm or 100 + use those as they will provide for softer backgrounds.

About the lens:

I like to use 50mm or 85mm or 100 + mm.

I do not like using the wide angle lenses because it will distort the baby’s face.

That is the issue that I have with the phone cameras, most lenses on those awesome cameras are wide angle lenses.

A wide angle lens is a lens that is: 18mm, 24mm and up to 35mm.

If you only have a wide angle lens this is how you can avoid distortion:

Do not tilt the camera.  If you tilt it will distort.

You can also get those great lenses for your phone cameras. I have not been able to get really sharp images with my lenses.  The lenses on the phones really have a great quality.

So here is a short review for your baby photography:

Lenses:  Use a 50mm, 85mm, 100 mm lens so that the photo will not appear distorted. (This way you can tilt the camera and still get an awesome image!)

F-stop: Use the largest aperture on your lens.  This may be F1.4, F2.8, up to F5.6.

Avoid using the wide angle lenses.

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