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Baby Photography and Lenses. What is your favorite lens? I think I need to change the question and ask you what is your favorite look for baby photography? Nikon lenses, photo classes, baby I like to work with a super quality shallow depth of field.  I have two lenses that I am photographing with.  My camera system is Nikon.  One of my lenses is an 85mm F1.8.  This is a fixed lens that will produce a beautiful shallow depth of field.  I can block out bad backgrounds in a very efficient way and when I want sharpness, this lens is absolutely awesome! Sigma lenses, photo classes, photography The other lens is one that I bought recently.  I wanted to continue with the idea of a shallow depth of field.  I need a lens that will zoom in and out.  I bought a Sigma F 2.8 24mm-70mm.

I love love the shallow depth of field but I am not in love with the vignette that it produces when I use the 70 mm lens.  I can remove that or minimize it with post production.

I read many reviews about this lens.  Some said that it was not as fast as they needed (wedding photography) others said that it was a good all around lens.

My experience so far is very good.

The Sigma was interesting to me because of the difference in price between that an the Nikon equivalent.

So, many times, the budget will dictate what we can do and then we just need to work around the issues that may appear.  It’s all a question of flexibility.

While I am on the subject of budgets:  I will invest in a new lens before upgrading my camera body.  I know a lot of photographers that are constantly upgrading their cameras.  I used to do that a lot.  I changed the way that I look at photographic equipment. Unless I have a fabulous camera that will reach all the dynamic ranges that I want, I feel that it’s not necessary to keep buying cameras with higher and higher resolutions.

A very good lens will give me the quality of image that I want.

The control of lights will provide for the ambience.  But more on that on another Tuesday.

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