Baby Photo Shoot Pose no 2

Once you create a method to organize a baby photo shoot you can start creating your unique photo sessions.

My tip:  Keep using Pinterest to create your photo session boards.  It will help you focus on what you need and you can refer to them during a photo session.  These boards are a great help!

For our next photo session, lets have the baby sideways looking towards the camera.  You will need some important props.

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Preparing the photo session

  • The baby will be laying on a mattress or a bean bag poser.
  • Posing props to lift the head and the legs or just one of them.   You can use professional posing props or towels under the blanket.
  • Plastic to cover the mattress or bean bag poser.
  • Soft blanket for the baby to lay on top.

Studio must haves:

  • Heater
  • Assistant (or family member) to spot baby
  • Large window and a strobe or continuos light (sometimes the large window is enough)
  • Reflector

Tips for the reflector:  You will want to position it so that the light will reflect onto the baby’s face.  Many times when the baby is sideways the face will not have enough light.  The reflector will do the trick!

Baby Photo Shoot: 

What is the theme ?  Is this a baby girl or a boy? Is the photograph going to be simple or are you adding props to tell a story?

If you are adding props: Create your board.

My tips for props:  Don’t clutter your photo set!  3 props are a good number.

baby photography, baby photo shoot, baby photo session

Baby Girl, Pink Theme

Lets discuss this beautiful baby photograph.  The theme: Pink.  The wonderful thing is that the pink if soft and subtle.  No bright colors to compete with the baby.  The props: blanket and the baby wrap and bonnet. Very simple and it’s all about the baby.

Pose: The head is is lifted.  Here is where you can place a small posing pillow or towels under the blanket.  Notice how the legs are bit higher here too?  Place a second poser or towels under the legs.

Hands:  Pay special attention to the hands and try to show them on your photography sessions. Hands are so expressive and of course so cute!!! 🙂

My tip:  NEVER force a pose.

Marguerite Beaty

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