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While looking through different sites and photography blogs I kept running into a name that has been fascinating me.  Do you know the photographs by Adele Enersen?  She has been creating the most fun baby photo sets and photographing mini stories.

Follow Baby Photography Classes’s board As My Baby Sleeps By Adele and photos inspired by her on Pinterest.

Here first book is called When My Baby Sleeps.  Visit her blog on Etsy

 Why I love these Photo Sets!

For those of you who are beginning to learn how to newborn babies, this is a very safe way to create a set.   This type of photo set is done on the ground and the baby will be sleeping.  You can create dimension by raising the props (not the baby).  You can work with the diffused lights that we speak about in our baby photography classes.

There is not right or wrong.  There is only pure imagination.  You can use all the props that you have at home.  Just think, if you want to create a story about a baby chef:  Pots and pans will come from your kitchen.  You can create a chef’s hat with a white scarf or a white towel.  You can add plates with fake food or just add some beautiful oranges and fruits.  You do not have to go shopping…Unless of course, you would like to create a specific story and a specific photo set.

The more I look at them the more things I see that I can use to create fun objects for these photo sets.

This is a beautiful way to create cards, record of your child as he or she grows.  Tell stories.  And just have a lot of fun while your baby is sleeping!

You can use these ideas for toddler photography and newborn baby photography


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