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10 Tips for Baby Photography   Part I

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Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous little boy.  He was just about one month old so he already opened his eyes once in awhile.  Beautiful eyes, by the way.  The photographs were done with a lot of daylight and one strobe at his home.  Here are my tips for a baby photo session.

baby photo session, baby photography

What’s in my bag

1)  Make a list of everything you need and check it as you place it your photo bag!

This is what is in my camera bag:  My camera, an extra hand held flash, just in case I need more fill light. Wires for the flash to connect to the pocket wizard. My fantastic 85mm 1.8 lens.Extra batteries for my camera and pocket wizards. Memory cards.  Calibration cards that doubles as a small reflector. Small clamps to hold things in place.  This is what it all looks like.

2) Equipment:  I use Alien Bees.  I love these little powerful strobes.  I always take a power surge protector and plug the strobe onto that. Never directly onto someone’s wall.

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I also take extension cords.  An umbrella: white inside for a softer bounce.  Pocket wizards to synch the strobes.  I keep a list on my studio door and check every thing.  Yes…I do always forget something!


3) Props:  I keep my props simple.  I take a small round pillow like those airplane pillows in case I need to prop up the baby.  I take lots of different size towels for covering or wrapping or holding the baby in place.  You never know how you will end up using these towels on a baby photo session.

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If the baby has allergies, I ask to use the towels that they have in their home.

More on props:  Some people are wanting more natural looking baby photos. When that is the case I do not take little hats, or anything for the baby to wear.  If someone wants special props I discuss the theme and and work accordingly.

4) This home had an enormous window and it was a sunny day.   I placed the baby on one of their long chairs and placed the baby facing the window.  There was no direct sunlight and the light was perfect. I was lucky.

5) I use the strobe to fill and to help freeze motion.  The intensity was at 1/16 or sometimes 1/32.  I kept tweaking the actual strobe and not the camera when I wanted a better exposure.  I used a large umbrella so that the light would disperse softly.

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