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Baby Photography Part II baby photography, photography classes, baby photography classes I am seeing a trend going towards a more natural type of baby photography.  I think that people will always want the fun baby photos of baby in a basket, or baby wrapped and baby with fun props.

Personally I like to to photograph the baby as they are in their normal new life.  I love watching and photographing the different expressions they make and their little movement.   So…this is how I do a baby photo session.

5) Baby Props: I like to use a cover or a blanket and I wrap it very loosely around the baby.  I like the idea of seeing a fluffy thing around them.  It’s dreamy and protective.

6) Working with Strobes: I am aware of how the strobes may irritate a baby.  I take 2 or 3 consecutive photos and stop.  I will fuss with the baby and wait a bit before starting up.  Some babies don’t mind the strobe at all so it’s a question of testing this out.

7) Baby Position: For the baby to stay side ways I rolled up small towels and placed them behind the baby.  I waited for the baby to get used to this position and slowly placed his hands in front. This can take some time so patience is needed.  Some times the baby just put his hands under the blanket or just kept moving them around. baby photo, baby photo session, baby   8) Changing the Background and colors:  I change the look of the photo in a subtle way.  I will start a photo session with no props, no blankets and I add and subtract as I go along.  I will do only 2 or maximum 3 looks.

For this photo the baby was laying on a white towel and was covered with the blanket.  The baby does not have the blanket around his head so we can see the full head.

9) Temperature:  Many people work with a heater when they shoot.  Babies need to stay warm.  They younger they are the more attentive you need to be to this.

10) Include the family:  I love to include the family at the end or the beginning of a photo session.  I think that it’s important to have photographs of the family as they change.  For example when a new baby arrives and as they become older.  It’s a fun way to create a memory for the child or children.

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