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Are you expecting a baby in 2014 and wondering what kind of name you should pick?

We have gathered the most popular baby names 2014 for you in order to make a great gift for your baby girl or baby boy. These names are based on the latest trends and follow the most accurate predictions from established baby name experts like Amanda Waters from babynameslog.com baby photography classes, baby names, Amanda Waters The themes that are going to be huge in 2014 are already evident. First you will have a lot of Sci-Fi names based on fantasy films and successful TV series like Game of Thrones. Pick any of the names that are featured on the show and you’ll instantly have an insanely popular name for your baby! Take for example Khaleesi, the hot warrior princess and mother of dragons. She is a symbol of power and ambition, attributes that your baby need in order to grow.

Other popular baby names 2014 themes include names that start with the letter K. Our research shows that these names are gaining much more traction than any other name on the baby name charts. Kaius and Kendrick are prime examples of this amazing trend. Other suggestions include Karter which is an alternative form of the more common name Carter (meaning the one who is transporting goods). King remains one of the most popular baby names 2014 since it is backed by the royal aura and is approved by thousands of US parents who choose it every year. The sense of royalty makes people love this name without even knowing why. Well, now you do!

Nature baby names are also going to be popular in 2014. Thanks to the huge ecology trend that is transforming our habbits, we are seeing a turn into nature. Respecting our planet is key and giving a name inspired by nature to your children is essential if you want to give them a valuable lesson to them. Rosalie is an elegant variation often heard in France. It derives from the Latin name Rosalia which stands for the most romantic flower, the beautiful rose. Other cool suggestions for nature inspired baby names include Rowan and Skylar. Look for other trendy names like Luna (means moon) and Ivy. Thanks to celebrity mega star couple Jay-Z and Beyonce, the name Ivy is now hotter than ever. Their cute baby girl is a symbol of fame and luxury around the world.

Last but not least, we have an interesting trend in the popular baby names 2014 list. Names that end in –lyn are so hot that each one of them enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity. Adelynn is one of them, the French variation of Adeline which means noble. Raelynn and Braelyn follow. If you wish to have a different combination in letters, you can also consider using the prefix el- which is is also super popular. Eloise is representing these names with supreme sophistication.

These popular baby names 2014 are already making a great impact on parents. We hope that they have given you enough ideas to get you thinking. If you need more inspiration on baby names, feel free to visit Baby Girl Names 2014: Chic & Trendy Ideas and find out more fashionable and stylish names that will match your personal taste.

By Amanda Waters

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