Baby Mugging

More and more people are enjoying baby mugging and I found the most awesome samples!  There is even a site that will showcase your baby mugging photo!

Baby Mugging Gallery

I prepared short video with visual tips so that you can do this on your smartphone.  Get your baby mugging photo up and show it off!

Photograph several tea cups or coffee cups. You can use any background color.  I chose white just so that you can see this well.  The cup can be in front of a fun print or wild color.

Place your set near a window and photograph.

Photograph the baby.  If you have a white background it will be easier to remove the background but if you don’t, no big deal.  The tools on Superimpose are easy to use.

Now take a look at the video.  You may need to stop and go as you go along.

Enjoy create your Baby Mugging Photos!

Wouldn’t this be a great holiday card?

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